Accrington Stanley Community Trust is a non-profit, self-funding registered charity (Number 1139575) and community organisation that has been working within the Hyndburn community since 2007. After becoming a registered charity and re-forming as a Community Trust in 2010, the organisation has seen an accelerated rise and growth.

Accrington Stanley Community Trust was originally established under the banner of Football in the Community in 2007, with the aim to bring the professional club and their community closer together. Natural progression from Football in the Community resulted in the scheme being taken on to work alongside and under the guidance of the Football League Trust. Accrington Stanley Community Trust has expanded at a phenomenal rate and we now work in 4 key themed areas: Sports Participation, Education, Health & Wellbeing and Social Inclusion.

Football and, in particular, Accrington Stanley Football Club has the ability to engage people, improve community cohesion and raise the hopes and aspirations of the people of Hyndburn. As a Club we are committed to ensuring that we respond to local needs whilst working strategically in line with regional and national agendas. We all recognise that sport can play a prominent role in addressing major issues such as obesity, anti-social behaviour, health, employment and attainment.

Through key partnerships and a robust multi-agency approach, we ensure that we can achieve our aims and objectives effectively and efficiently. Our partnerships work underpins the entire scheme delivery programme and enables us to work strategically within Hyndburn. These relationships enable us to engage with underrepresented and hard to reach groups.


“Use the power of Accrington Stanley Football Club to improve the lives of the people of Hyndburn through participation in sport and exercise”.


Our mission is to support the local community regardless of age, gender, race, religion or skill level and promote a healthier lifestyle through sport and education by encouraging individuals to take part in fun based activities, which develop confidence, co-operation and education.


  • Challenge behaviour and attitudes, promoting Respect and celebrating diversity
  • Inspire to achieve and Fulfil potential
  • Develop leaders, coaches and volunteers
  • Innovate in delivery


Accrington Stanley Community Trust is committed to protecting all young people and vulnerable adults that are in our care or attending at our premises.

The Trust has a full range of safeguarding polices and best practice guidelines for all staff.

Complaint procedures that deal with complaints regarding staff and any safeguarding issues have also been established.

Whether it is at The Stadium or out in the community we will strive to keep children and vulnerable adults safe and free from harm.

All of the Trusts activities and policies comply with national legislation and are in accordance with rules outlined by the Football Association and The English Football League Trust.

The policies and practices are regularly reviewed and monitored by those bodies and have been discussed with the local safeguarding board.

The safeguarding officer at the Community Trust is Martin Fearon. The Trustee safeguarding officer is David Keeley.


In placing Accrington Stanley Football club at the heart of the community we will:

  1. Increase participation in Sport & Exercise and develop talent pathways in to the Accrington Stanley Centre of Excellence.
  2. Promote wellbeing and healthy lifestyles within local communities.
  3. Deliver an inclusive programme of activities that involves and engages hard to reach groups, improving community cohesion.
  4. Develop and empower leaders, coaches and volunteers.
  5. Engage and inspire young people, raising and celebrating educational achievement.
  6. Govern the operations of ASCT efficiently and effectively.


“We know how important Accrington Stanley Community Trust is to the people of Hyndburn and what a great example it sets to youngsters. Every year is a challenge but we have a firm base here at the Trust. We have the talent and ability to make it even better and look forward to sharing that dream with you.”