Referee David Webb admitted it was a difficult decision to call off today’s match at home to Swindon off-the-pitch but an easy one on it.

The referee inspected the Wham Stadium pitch at 10am and felt the pitch needed to be given time to give the game every chance of going ahead but the weather deteriorated and Mr Webb postponed the game at 12-30pm.

“I spoke to Accrington secretary Mark Turner yesterday and arranged to travel down last night because of the weather which was predicted,” said the referee.

“I came to the ground at 10am and there were soft areas at the top end of the pitch but it was the area after the half-way line towards the away end which was hard.

“I wanted to give it time, give it the best chance, and if we had called it off at 9am or 10am people would have said it would be too early.

“There were signs of improvement at the top end when we inspected again at 12/1230 but the away end remained really hard. It was like going through soft to concrete and so we decided to call it off for player safety.

“It was a difficult decision because the Swindon team had travelled and the Swindon fans were on their way but it was easy on the pitch because of player safety.”