John Coleman expects Crawley Town to provide a stern test for his side at the Wham Stadium tomorrow despite the campaign drawing to a close.

The Red Devils are 19th in League Two and seven points clear of the relegation places with only four games left.

But despite their visitors looking safe the Stanley manager doesn’t think their approach to the game will alter.

“I don’t subscribe to the theory that teams have nothing to play for,” he explained. “I think footballers will always have something to play for and at this stage of the season what a lot of them will have to play for is next season. It’s about having a job for next season.

“I think it’s insulting to say that teams might roll over in games and you only have to look at Stevenage last year. They perceivably came to our place on the last day with nothing to play for but stopped us going up.”

Stanley head into the game unbeaten in 14 matches and having not lost at the Wham Stadium in 2017.

Coleman thinks displays at home have improved lately but aren’t markedly different to those at the start of the campaign.

“We had a couple of poor performances at home earlier in the season but not too many,” he said. “There were three or four games that we lost that we should have won. I think a lot of it is confidence and belief. When you believe you’re going to do something I think you have a better chance of doing it. I just don’t think that earlier in the season there was a solidity in the squad which there is now.

“I think our fans are quite fair. Like anyone they get frustrated when their team isn’t winning and so they should. I moan when the team I support don’t win so why shouldn’t they? There have been times when we haven’t played the way I wanted us to play and naturally that’s disappointing but the players don’t set out to do those things.

“I can still probably only count on one hand the number of times I’ve been disappointed with the way we’ve played. I can probably count on three hands the number of times I’ve been disappointed with the result.”