Omar Beckles believes Stanley will put mistakes and uncontrollable factors behind them this week and come back stronger against Yeovil.

The Reds are currently enduring a tough spell, with Tuesday’s defeat at Hartlepool a fourth in as many games in League Two.

But the centre back doesn’t think they’re far from a performance that will bring them three points.

“We’re confident we can change things this weekend,” said the 25-year-old.” We haven’t been conceding lots of goals, we’ve been creating chances and we know that with the rub of the green or things turning in our favour we could end up being a good few goals up by half time. That’s the plan.

“Sometimes you can be getting punished for mistakes but be scoring goals at the other end and sort of get away with it. At the moment it’s a bit of a double whammy for us. It’s tough to deal with not scoring and being punished but we’re learning from it. It just feels like once we get a good result we’ll only continue like that. We’re not far away from being on a really good run.

“It’s disappointing to have to deal with certain scenarios that turn games or circumstances beyond your control but we believe we’ll learn and start handling them better.”

The summer signing thinks everyone in the dressing room is pulling in the same direction and hopes that will be evident when they take to the field on Saturday against the Glovers.

“When you’re in a negative spell of results if you’re continually negative you’re only going to reap what you sow – it’ll only continue to go that way,” he concluded. “We’re looking at what we need to correct but all the lads are supporting each other because we all believe in each other.”