John Coleman wants his Stanley players to head into Saturday’s game with Blackpool in a positive frame of mind despite their recent disappointments.

The Reds conceded a last gasp equaliser against Cheltenham last week to drop two points and in the previous league game missed two stoppage time penalties to lose at Cambridge.

The manager was left frustrated by both results but sees the game with the Seasiders as an opportunity to put it all behind them.

“Your attention has to quickly turn to the next game,” he explained. “You can’t influence what happened last week, you just have to learn from it. We didn’t manage the game at all well and that’s something that we have to be mindful of for future reference. We have to get back to the way we know we can play.

“Every day is a school day and you have to learn from your experiences good or bad. You can’t dwell on the bad things because if you do that you’ll only go backwards. If you approach things with a negative mind you’ll only get a negative result.”

Blackpool visit the Wham Stadium for the first time for a league fixture and Coley expects it to be a big day down Livingstone Road.

“I certainly think a big crowd and a big atmosphere helps the players,” he said. “It possibly keeps them more focused and that’s perhaps something we need to work on, learning to focus when it isn’t a big crowd or what is perceived as a big game. That’s something we’ve spoken about and will continue to bang the drum about.

“Gary Bowyer is a good manager, Blackpool have a great set of fans and they’re capable of climbing the pyramid just as quickly as they’ve fallen down it.

“When you’re a big club you have the vehicle to drive yourself back up if you can get it right. I’m sure they will get it right but our aim is to beat them on Saturday.”