Day two of the U18s pre-season tour to Holland, blog wrote by scholars Nathan Wolland and Harry Waterhouse…


All the lads came down for their first breakfast at the hotel looking very tired after a busy first day. A healthy breakfast was the only option today, besides little pouches of Nutella that everyone took advantage of. Straight after we headed up to the gym to get some data together for our individual gym programs, this will give us something extra to do in our free time.

After the gym session, we headed out into the rain to walk over for our first training session of the day – it seems Holland are having the same summer weather as we are back in England. The session was not too hard as we now have an additional friendly fixture against Blackburn Rovers tomorrow morning, they are staying at the same hotel and sharing theDe Waardenvolle Club training facilities with us.


walking to training

Scholars wallking to the training venue

After having showers and some lunch we headed to our first language lesson of the tour. The tutor was a little late, so everyone took part in an arm wrestling competition to kill some time, everyone is bonding well so far on the tour, Jack Burgess said “everyone is bonding well, the first years and second years are coming together, having fun and becoming a team unit”

jack and nathan

Jack Burgess and Nathan Wolland

The language was hard to pick up at first and we all struggled but it was good fun and everyone got involved and gave it a go. Hopefully we will all be able to pick up some useful phrases over the next couple of lessons.

language 1

Scholars have their first language session


language 2

Scholars learning the Dutch language


We then had our second training session of the day and the weather was still not too great. Training was a light and easy positioning session prior to tomorrow’s game and we ended the session by having a bit of time in the pool.

After dinner we all had free time, some wandered into the local town to visit the shops whilst some borrowed bikes from the hotel and went for a ride around the grounds. Everyone was in bed fairly early in preparation for tomorrow’s game.