Scholars Nathan Wolland and Harry Waterhouse give us an insight into their pre-season tour of Holland..


The lads woke up and headed to breakfast. After their meal they headed excitedly to the training facilities due to being trained by N.A.C Brada coaches,the lads were put through their paces with the weather being a lot better than it has been the past couple days.

After the session the lads headed to the laundry room before going for dinner. After dinner we was called to the meeting room for an analysis session of yesterday’s game to realise Dave Fitzgerald doesn’t know how to use a computer. ┬áIt was decided to leave analysis for now and go to our second session of the day with the N.A.C Brada coach whilst he showed the lads a different style of play.
Following the session we all had an ice bath to help relax after the double session before heading to our second attempt of an analysis of yesterday’s game . We then had some free time which Tom Riley says he is enjoying prior to heading off to bed.