John Coleman was furious after his side’s 2-1 loss to Exeter City which gave the Grecians their first points of the season.

The Reds dominated the first half but couldn’t take their chances and then Ryan Harley fired home a 25 yard strike on 66 minutes.

Former Exeter player Arron Davies equalised for Stanley on 70 minutes but within two minutes Jake Taylor had volleyed home the winner.

“We had chances in the first half and we didn’t take them,” said Coleman. “They didn’t hurt us whatsoever in the first half and it was too easy for us.

“They decided to up their game in the second half and we didn’t, so you’d have to say they deserved to win in the end because they scored two good goals.

“We had chances but it wasn’t sustained pressure. We didn’t get going in the second half and if  you invite teams into your box you know you’re going to be in trouble.

“It’s a great strike for the first goal, there’s very little you can do about that, but the second goal is very avoidable and we’ve got to be better than that.

“They came here today expecting a tough game and we didn’t give them a tough game, except for the first half an hour.

“We’ve given them a boost and given them their first win. It’s not good enough by us at all and we’ve got to improve.”

Coleman added: “We’re not showing enough passion or enough drive. We’re going backwards far too quickly with the ball. It’s hard to watch sometimes.

“I want to excite the crowd and we’re not. We are in patches here and there but not for sustained periods and I’d expect that as a home fan. I’d expect us to take the game to teams.

“We’ve got to work harder on the pitch and work harder off the pitch and we’ve got to put it right. We’ve got good players –  we’ve got five or six players who any manager would bite your hand off to have in the side.

“We’ve just got to get better and I’m sure we will.”