Peter Marsden has stepped down from his role as Accrington Stanley Chairman and from the board and will become the new Honorary President at the Wham Stadium.

Peter, who lives in London, fell in love with the club on a visit to Accrington in 2006 and became involved when Eric Whalley was in charge.

He played an important role when the club faced winding up proceedings in 2009 alongside Ilyas Khan.

He became chairman in 2012 after Ilyas stepped down and has overseen some major changes at the club but has now decided to take a less prominent role.

“This new position allows Peter to wind down more from the intense pressure and workload that his ten year stint brought him,” said owner Andy Holt, who took over at the Wham Stadium in October last year.

“Undoubtedly he kept the club afloat, deploying his skills, time and resources. The slogan ‘The club that wouldn’t die’ would not have been applicable had he not done this.
“I have come to know Peter as a friend, wholeheartedly accept his decision and I am delighted he has moved into the role of President at Stanley.
“In my short time at Accrington Stanley, I have come to understand the charm and uniqueness of our club while I also understand the considerable burden which the last years have been for Peter.

“He went far beyond the call of duty for the club for which we should be eternally grateful. This isn’t goodbye, it’s welcome to our new President!”

Peter, who will still retain his 10 per cent shareholding in the club, said: “I have been honoured to be a director of our fine old club for 10 years and Chairman for the last four years.

“I would like to think that history will record that, like others who have gone before me, I did ‘my bit’ to keep Stanley afloat on and off the pitch often in challenging circumstances.

“I cannot speak too highly of our majority shareholder Andy Holt, ably assisted by Dave Burgess, and it is immensely satisfying that the club is in safe hands and has a happy future to look forward to.

“I would also like to say a few words about my good friends John Coleman and Jimmy Bell who are quite simply the best management duo in Leagues One and Two and I am sure they will guide the club to further glory.

“Going ahead I would like to think that I will remain a familiar face particularly at Stanley’s southern away games and the odd home game too.

“I also feel I have one more challenge left in my tank – perhaps in the world of non-league football closer to home.

“God bless Stanley and may our great little club continue to prosper.”

Everyone at Accrington Stanley thanks Peter for everything he has done for the club and looks forward to seeing Peter in his new role at the Wham Stadium soon.