John Coleman is expecting news on new contracts for players soon but knows that it might not be possible to keep everyone at the Wham Stadium.

Four players are leaving at the end of their current deals but new terms have been offered to 18 others.

The manager has been hard at work speaking to those with expiring contracts and has already had some encouraging responses.

“I’ve already agreed deals with some of the lads and I’m really pleased about that,” he said. “These will be confirmed soon. Hopefully we can more agreed and tied down, possibly by the end of the week.

“I’ve spoken to one or two potential new signings but until you know what you’re working with it’s hard to do much. We need to know our starting position and build from there. We ended up with a big squad last season, not costly but big. I can’t see that happening again this time.

“With what we have to play with here it’s essential we identify young players and try to bring them through. Hopefully we can grow them into valuable assets.”

Jason Mooney, Liam Wakefield, Keenan Quansah and Kealan Steenson are the players leaving the club but Coley can’t rule out other departures with a number of players attracting interest from other clubs.

“There might be more to follow but I’m speaking to the players on a daily basis,” he explained. “Ideally I would’ve brought everyone in on the day after the Wimbledon game but I think emotions were too raw and I wouldn’t do that to the players. I’m dealing with them individually instead.

“The players know that I have to build a squad and that if it’s not with them it’ll have to be with other players. I’m expecting decisions soon.

“The face of football is changing. The mechanics of speaking to players has become a lot different. We’re doing our best to do deals for players already here and possible new players too.”

News on new contracts will be posted here on the official website and the club’s social media accounts.