John Coleman insists nobody in the dressing room can afford to think they’ve made it ahead of another crucial fixture against Cambridge United on Saturday.

The Reds are a point behind third placed Plymouth Argyle after a run of three consecutive wins ahead of the game at the Wham Stadium.

But the manager believes that changes nothing as they prepare to tackle the U’s.

“I’ve said all along that as soon as you think you’ve arrived you’re only setting yourself up for a fall,” he said. “You have to be on red alert every time you go onto the pitch and be prepared to work really hard. You hope that a bit of luck goes your way and you take the opportunities that you get.

“Things can change overnight. I didn’t see our collapse in the last five minutes against Barnet coming, I certainly didn’t see the Portsmouth defeat coming and so you never know what is round the corner.

“Your form could easily change but by the same token that it could easily happen to us it could easily happen to other teams too. We’ve just try to mind what we do and guard against any complacency. Hopefully we’ve had our blip. There was a period where we weren’t ruthless but recently that ruthlessness has returned. We’re getting players like Josh Windass, Terry Gornell and Dean Winnard back who can contribute and we’re hoping they prove to be a factor.

“You have to step up to the plate when the crucial moments appear in games. As of late we’ve done that, there’s no guarantee that will continue but we can certainly strive to keep it happening.

“I’ve always been an advocate of going for the three points. When that rule came in it changed the whole complexion of football and I’ve always been prepared to gamble the one for the three. Maybe that’s the striker in me. If it comes down to needing just a point, especially at home, we’re never going to be shutting up shop.”