John Coleman hopes that his Stanley players can continue to provide value for money for supporters as his team head into the busiest period of the season so far.

The Reds take on Crawley on Saturday looking to return to winning ways after suffering defeat at Carlisle last weekend.

It’s the first of ten matches between now and the middle of March but the manager is confident they can keep producing the goods.

“I think it’s an absolute bargain to watch Accrington when you compare it to the Premier League,” he said. “I think you’re getting twice the product for less than half the price. Anyone who is disillusioned with top flight football needs to get themselves down to the Wham Stadium. What they’ll see is committed teams playing attractive football and not the game of chess that has become the norm in the Premier League.

“There’s more commitment and more passion, far less play acting and pandering to egos and status and myths.

“One of the problems you have with a lot of home games in a short space of time is finances for the fans. As much as we want them to come we know that we’re pretty much still in a recession and people have their priorities for what they can spend money on.

“When we’re asking them to spend their money once a week it’s probably not so bad but to potentially ask them to spend their money three times in a week is a different kettle of fish.

“What we have to hope is that we can produce the quality of performance that makes it value for money. I think at home recently we have done that. I think but for Carlisle, which we think was a blip, we’ve done it away from home too.”