Farleys Solicitors are the first business to join Accrington Stanley’s Redvolution.

The solicitors, which has premises in Accrington, Manchester, Blackburn and Burnley, handed over a cheque for £3,500 to the club.

They have been helping with the takeover of the Reds by businessman Andy Holt, founder of What More Ltd which now has the controlling interest in the League Two side.

And Andy, who has paid off the club’s £1.2m debts and will invest a further £600,000 into the Reds, is hoping other companies will follow suit and help bring in this new era at the Wham Stadium.

“I have started it off and now we need to generate more cash so we are looking for sponsors to come on board and help the club even further,” said Andy.

“Farleys have been extremely supportive and they understand what we are doing at the club, putting a solid infrastructure in place.”

Ian Liddle, a partner at  Farleys said: “Accrington Stanley are a fine club with a proud history steeped in the local community.

“Unlike some of the club’s bigger neighbours they haven’t had the luxury of relying on large sums of money being dropped into the club to help it make ‘ends meet’ – this means that it has had to rely on local people and businesses for its financial survival.

“This means that Accrington Stanley has retained its ‘football soul’ and its connection with its fans who don’t turn up for prawn sandwiches, just a love of the club.

“Accrington Stanley are a true community-based club and Farleys Solicitors are proud to support them as a small way of showing our thanks  to a community who have been kind enough to support our business over many years.

“Andy Holt is a man I know well on a professional and personal level.  Stanley fans can take great comfort in the knowledge that in Andy they have a man at the helm who is a shrewd businessman but above all a man of great integrity – a rare combination. These are genuinely exciting times for the football club and we’re delighted to support this new chapter in the club’s rich history.”

Any company wanting to follow in Farleys footsteps contact Stanley chairman Peter Marsden on peter.marsden@leescarter.com or Andy Holt on andy.holt@leescarter.com.