Matty Pearson is happy to play wherever the management team put him for tomorrow’s game with Oxford – as long as his name remains on the team sheet.

The defender is set to continue at centre back if injuries to Tom Davies and Dean Winnard continue to rule them out.

He switched there from full back 25 minutes into last weekend’s win at Crawley and has no problems making the adjustment.

“I’ve played a few positions this year so I’m getting used to it,” he said. “Wherever I play I’m not right bothered, I’ll do the job to the best of my ability and hopefully it pays off.

“Being able to play in any position is one of my strengths really. As you’ve seen, I’ve played left back and right back and against Notts County I went into midfield so hopefully it’s good for the management to have my versatility in the squad.

“Dean’s played a lot of league games and we are alike in the way we play so it’s a compliment to be compared to him.

“Most of the lads were a bit worried when we got the injuries but it’s worked out well so far. I think we were a bit unlucky with the goal against Yeovil but a win’s a win and our defensive record so far is pretty good so we must be doing alright!

“We’ve got good players. Joe (Wright) has come in and Liam (Wakefield) has come in and both have done well. It just shows that if we didn’t have those players to bring in we might not have done what we’ve done in the last few weeks.

“The league is starting to sort itself out a bit and I think we’re in a good position. These games against the teams around you really matter so we have to give it everything.”