John Coleman admits he’s being hard on his players as he looks to keep Stanley battling at the top end of the League Two table.

Saturday’s 4-2 win over Exeter was a second successive league victory, with the Reds having lost just once in the league so far this season.

But the manager’s post match interview mostly concerned his frustration at the two goals conceded and not the four scored.

“Every time you get me after a game you probably get me at the rawest time,” he explained. “I had a rant and a rave to the press, times that by 15 or 20 in the dressing room afterwards.

“In the cold light of day I’m probably beating myself up because I probably made a mistake myself – I should have only made one sub instead of two, at that time, and maybe made the second one a bit later.

“That’s no disrespect to the players who came on, but I think taking your centre midfield off, although one of them was carrying an injury, just destabilised us a little bit and lost our focus a little bit.

“That’s a free lesson that I’ve learned, and I got away with it, and it’s food for thought for the next time it happens.

“But probably a lot of my reaction was down to disappointment with myself.”

Coley is now preparing the players for Saturday’s long trip to Crawley and doesn’t think that his quest for perfection in their performances will adversely affect them.

“I think the players have got enough time for me and I’ve got enough time for them to know that sometimes that’s going to be the case,” he said.

“I’ve turned into a grumpy man. I don’t laugh any more really, or nothing makes me laugh much.

“It was amusing when we scored the second or third goal on Saturday – one of the fans who like to have a little go at me behind me shouted “Why don’t you smile John”.

“I thought that was odd, that I had to be beaming.

“I think anyone who’s seen me on the sidelines enough knows I don’t really celebrate unless I know we’ve won.

“We’ll keep those smiles for another day.”