JAMES Beattie is expecting a busy time – after today’s transfer window closes.

The Stanley manager says there may be some comings and goings today but his real work starts when the loan market opens in a week’s time.

“I think once this transfer window closes our transfer window will open as, after today, the clubs will know who they have permanently and it may free up some players that we can possibly get our hands on for next to nothing or nothing at all as this is the market we are in,” said the Stanley boss.

“I am optimistic about getting loan players in but it does mean some players going the other way unfortunately and that’s something I will have to do this afternoon.

“I am optimistic about what we can achieve in the loan market and I have been calling in a few favours from my friends in football and speaking to a few clubs and there are players we can get who will definitely come in and improve our team.”

Beattie knows clubs have been keeping tabs on his players – with Bury making a five figure bid for winger Kal Naismith last month – but he is hopeful he can keep the core of his current squad together by 11pm tonight.

“If someone makes an approach for one of our players it is ultimately down to the chairman as he is the boss. Obviously I do not want to see my best players go, I haven’t got that many players to start with, but I will not stand in the way of a young player’s career as that’s what happened to me.

“And I have to answer to my boss, which is chairman Peter Marsden, and he has got to do what is right for the club.”