James Beattie is keen to put right Stanley’s opening day defeat to Newport when the Exiles visit East Lancashire tomorrow – but won’t be calling for revenge from his players.

The Reds lost 4-1 in South Wales back in August as Justin Edinburgh’s side celebrated their return to the Football League and the memory has stayed with the manager.

“It rankles with me but I can’t let that slip to the lads,” he said. “I’ve got to remain calm and composed. But if it doesn’t get them riled then there’s maybe something wrong with them inside.”

“It hurts that we got beat 4-1, it’s our heaviest defeat of the season, there is something of a payback to give them.

“I believe the players have come a long way since that first game, I know that the fans know we’ve come a long way, and that’s the most important thing for me.

“It’s important that we get back to winning football matches and I’ll be drilling that into the lads that it needs to come on Saturday.

“Newport have done really well since coming up from Conference, and I know we’ve come a long well so it bodes well for a good game.”

Beattie’s side were denied the opportunity to bounce back from their New Year’s Day defeat at Fleetwood Town when last weekend’s game at Portsmouth was postponed but the manager thinks the enforced break could be a blessing in disguise.

“Predominantly we’ve been using the same group of players to play all the matches,” he explained. “Hindsight’s a wonderful thing and looking back on it maybe to refresh in a couple of positions would have probably been the right thing to do but you can’t turn back the  clock and that’s something that I’ve learnt and am learning every day.

“We’ve come back this week, we look refreshed, the lads are in great spirits and hopefully we can work towards getting a good result on Saturday.”