As part of the Lancashire FA’s continued efforts to positively change attitudes and behaviour in grassroots youth football, they are delighted to announce that the weekend of 8th & 9th March will officially be ‘Silent Saturday’ and ‘Silent Sunday’.

Accrington Stanley’s Community Trust are encouraging all grassroots clubs in the Hyndburn area to sign up to this brilliant initiative by the LFA using the designated e-mail address


Young children tell us they are frightened and intimidated by excessive noise levels. Older players tell us it irritates and angers them and often results in an exchange of words with coaches and parents.

 What Does the FA Expect?

  • ·         All clubs and leagues to sign up
  • ·         All clubs to manage this initiative internally and ensure total adherence
  • ·         If possible an Adult Ambassador to be present at every game
  • ·         All adults to refrain from any shouting or direct communication with players
  • ·         Quiet discussion between adults only
  • ·         Applause for both teams
  • ·         Parents to refrain from “advising” coaches
  • ·         Parents/Coaches to refrain from “advising” or questioning referees
  • ·         Players to respond to post-match survey
  • ·         Adults to respond to post-match survey


What Will Happen?

Your club name will be added to the evolving list on the county FA website. You will be sent flyers to circulate amongst parents and coaches with a Silent Weekend match day code of conduct on the reverse. We will provide high visibility armbands for captains and plan to issue similar coloured laces to all players in advance. We will send an electronic copy of the flyer for league and club websites upon request. 

Will It Work?

Yes, if we want it to work. We also believe that there will be a very positive response upon reflection by both children and adults. It may be a small step in the right direction but we can show that on this weekend at least, those who do not share our priorities of inclusion, enjoyment, and respect, are in the absolute minority. Every one of us can make a difference. We can start by individually and collectively supporting this idea. Any queries or suggestions should be addressed to


Ssssssssshhhhhhh. Let Them Play.