The results for Week 50 of the Accrington Stanley Gold Bond Draw made on Friday 13th December 2013 are as follows:

£2,000                  W.3762                       MR D SMITH
£500                       Q.3551                        KEVIN THOMPSON
£200                      W.6453                       MR PALMER
£100                       L.1790                        MR A TAYLOR
XX6036                     MRS J JENKINS
£50                          CC2017                      MICHAEL THOMAS
CC5179                       K MASON
O.1062                        LEON EVANS
L.4178                        MRS FITZPATRICK
£25                          S.5749                        P GATESON
D.4059                        MR TURRIFF
W.4850                       MR A JUGGINS
CC5577                        S KOXAKIEWICZ
Y.6295                         MR B WOOTON
C.0721                         MRS CARTER

            170 x £10 WINNERS  &  130 x £5 WINNERS

    Plus there are over 300 winners of £10 and £5 prizes!

The Gold Bond Draw is a great way to support your football club, just £1 a  week gives you the chance to win £1,000s of pounds worth of prizes and over 70p in every pound comes direct to Accrington Stanley!