Do you want to give a loved one a present to remember this Christmas?

Why not amaze them with the gift of a “framed share certificate” in the iconic Accrington Stanley Football Club?

Accompanying the framed share certificate, for a limited period only, we will also send a signed photo from a player of your choice (or manager James Beattie) with your own personalised message.

Once purchased and strictly limited to the home games before Christmas, we will also personally take you to collect your “framed share certificate” and “personalised signed photo” from the player that has signed it at the dressing room an hour before kickoff.

And if you can’t make it to a game before then, we can send your signed photo along with your share certificate direct to you.

“Whether you live in Accy, Aberdeen, Antwerp, Adelaide or Alaska a Stanley share is something to hang on your wall or put on your desk and be proud of,” said Reds’ Chairman Peter Marsden. “It would be a great present for a family member or friend this Christmas or by all means just treat yourself. As well as being a collector’s item it is a great practical way of helping Stanley. It also gives you a chance to attend shareholder’s meetings and put your point across”

For £100.00 (all inclusive), this a truly memorable gift experience for all ages and represents your very own piece of one of football’s oldest names and full shareholder rights. This unique Christmas gift is fun and everlasting.

Contact us today, to share Christmas with us!

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